Kassandra Signature DAC  |  Talos Signature Phono  |  Impera Ref Preamplifier  |  Achilleas Legend SET Monoblocks  |  Symphonia Speakers  |  Erevus S Horn Subwoofer

A big thank you to all that visited our room at Munich High End Show 2019. We let music do the talking, and feedback was overwhelming with great comments. We want to thank everyone involved in the room, we could not have made this stunning room happen without the help of our great partners.

At this show, we presented for the first time our entry level Helene DAC, the new Talos Signature phono stage, as well as the epic Achilleas Legend series flagship six chassis SE amplifier. Some reactions from the press below.

"We started the demo with vinyl, as Joshua knows I'm an analog fan. Listening to some Louis Armstrong was chilling, as Satchmo seemed to be recreated in front of us. This system had Immediacy in spades. Solo piano had such amazing attack, vibrant tone, and realistic texture, it was like it was in the room. This system was just dripping with texture and body yet delivered tremendous resolution and transparency. The result was a soundstage that was three dimensional as hell... Everything just gelled, especially the further back into the room you got. Moving to digital, he played a cut I'd never heard that featured a very active Flamenco dancer. I don't know if it was just the quality of the recording (as I said, it was unfamiliar), the bloom and resolve of this system, or most likely, some combination of both, but the wood tone of flooring or platform he was dancing on rendered his stomps in the most chilling and off-the-hook dynamic manner I can recall hearing."
Best of Show awarded by Greg Weaver at Enjoy the Music Magazine