Our Genus 845 Integrated amplifier has been making waves in Germany. An extensive and detailed review by Image Hifi Magazine (Germany). Translated to English. Thank you Ekkehard Strauss for another excellent review.
"Every moment of critical listening is a pleasure, and I can’t help but soak up each and every sonic detail that comes to my ears. Moreover, the resulting soundstage is incredibly precise, letting me know not only the size of the stage where the music is coming from, but also the spot where every single instrument is."
"It’s also important to mention that these components have something for the enthusiast who listens exclusively to digital sources too, as they provide a soundscape that would have been inconceivable a few years ago. The bottom line: The Genus might be Aries Cerat’s entry-level amplifier, but it’s honestly hard to even imagine an amplifier that could deliver better sonic results."