We proudly present Ianus Aperio - the third amplifier in the new Ianus Series

“Debuting at Munich High End May 2022, the new Ianus Aperio Stereo power amplifier uses TriodeFet technology and has features that make it unique in the already innovative Ianus range.



Single Ended Single Stage?

The Ianus Aperio integrated amplifier as his amplifier siblings in the Ianus range, uses TriodeFet technology  ,however it has features that make it unique in the already innovative series. In contrary to the bigger Geminae model, the Aperio is using the TriodeFet active element in a very different topology, as this is a Single Ended design It goes a step beyond to be the only integrated amplifier which is Single Stage as well. One stage from input to output posts

The Design Concept

The Ianus Essentia amplifier is not only Single Ended, it is also a Single Stage! Like the bigger Essentia model, incredibly, there is no driver stage and no input stage! However this is not just an amplifier but a complete integrated amplifier.That means that from the input to the speaker outputs, there is only one stage of amplification.

This extremely simple topology we feel is a breakthrough in amplifier design, and is an elusive design goal for many, including our lab. This feat was only possible to execute after the breakthrough of our TriodeFet technology, and now we are finally able to use an active element that has the needed specifications for the purpose: Extremely high linearity, high voltage gain, high current gain and very high input impedance. All in a single stage.

The Aperio means, the revealer, who makes things clear. We strongly believe the Aperio brings unprecedented clarity in reproduction of music.

The volume control is implemented by a multitap input transformer.

Inputs include our proprietary AC link input.


Dual chassis design

The PSU is separated in it’s own chassis, to completely isolate stray magnetic fields and EMI generated by the big power supplies. All separate and independent PSUs (for TriodeFet and supporting circuits) are filtered and regulated in the PSU chassis.


Practically maintenance free

The TriodeFet technology, in contrast to a SET amplifier design that is using big output tubes, is essentially maintenance free as the internal tubes used for curve creation are rated at more than 10,000 hours lifespan. Its unique single stage nature means that it is as sonically transparent as it can get. The amplifier power delivery is 30W (8ohm) full class A.

Triode or solid state?

Neither. TriodeFet technology does not sound like hybrid, tube or solid state amplifier. It sounds how an ideal tube amplifier should sound.. 

The triode-like transfer curves of the TriodeFet means the Ianus Aperio ,like the bigger brother Essentia, sounds very much like the very best Single Ended tube amplifier. A superb midrange and treble, accurate timbre and the huge soundstage we expect from big bottle tube amplification.

Technical Specifications



Single stage, Single Ended, TriodeFet technology

Gain stages:

Single stage amplifier, from input to output posts

Power output:

35W @8ohms

Tube compliment:

2 x E280F / E282F / E810F / E180F

Volume control:

26 step TVC volume control technology


4 X RCA , 1 X XLR (pin 2 used), 1 x Direct (Ac link)

Power bandwidth:

full power at 5Hz -3db

Maximum gain:

21db (tube dependent)

Noise floor:

-90db ref 1V RMS


Main unit: 420mm W x 310mm D X 420mm H 80kg

PSU unit: 420mm W x 310mm D x 140mm H 35kg