Generally in audio designs simple circuits tend to work, and most important, sound much better

“Along with our Reference, Signature and Limited Edition line of preamplifiers came the need for a high performance preamplifier that carries our Aries Cerat performance and design philosophy, whilst keeping the cost and size to manageable levels, make it reachable by more audio enthusiasts.”


In the heart of the Incito S preamplifier beats a zero feedback gain stage consisting of a small SET amplifier

Incito Preamplifier

The original Incito preamplifier has been developed for some time as a test machine, and had not made the transition to be consumer ready. Finally, the Incito preamplifier was launched.

We took a great Einstein’s quote, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”, and absorbed it in our current audio design mentality. Simple circuits always work and most important, sound much better. However, simple solutions can often be accompanied with shortcomings, and in audio, this can be in the form of questionable measuring performance.

This is not the case with the Incito preamplifier. The heart of the Incito preamplifier is a zero feedback power gain stage, which is consisted of a transformer-coupled super-triode, using the ultra high trans-conductance E280F (solely made by Siemens). This superb tube is loaded with a highest quality step down transformer.

Measuring data speaks for itself for this highest quality combination. Voltage swings of over 320V are an easy task for the power stage, and is stepped down to 80Vpp, while keeping transistor-like noise figures. Further, our step down transformer provides very low output resistance and more than adequate current to drive any load down to 250 ohms.

The power supply is built around the 5AR4 rectifier, with separate double pi filtering for each channel using oversized chokes and high speed capacitors, along with an ultra low noise adjustable bias supply.

A high quality discrete relay latched resistor attenuator is used, accompanied with supreme quality signal relays. True balanced outputs are standard, and all inputs are custom configurable.

The Incito comes with a metal cased remote control, with volume, input selection and balance control.

The Incito is our smallest preamplifier, and the most affordable. However it has performance well beyond it’s price point. In our opinion, the Incito is a remarkable achievement.

Technical Specifications


Full swing signal bandwidth:

-6db @ 4Hz~100kHz

Maximum signal output swing:

32Vrms @ 10kohm load

Tube list:

2 x E280F, 1 x 5AR4 (rectifier)

Harmonic distortion:

0.005% typical

Maximum harmonic distortion:

Less than 0.1% THD at 20V rms


5 x RCA pairs, 1 x Balanced pair

Output impedance:


Supplied accessories:

Metal remote control


33kg unpacked