We proudly present the flagship lanus Geminae - our first amplifier in the new Ianus Series

The Lanus Geminae is a breakthrough product in terms of ultimate sonic performance combined with power delivery. Convention solid state amplification can have high current delivery but sadly looses much of musics emotion and realism in the process. We set a goal of completely avoiding such shortcomings. Not only that, we were determined to combine current delivery with the superb sonic performance of a SOTA Single Ended Triode design. This has been attempted before by other manufacturers, but in our opinion, has not been fully realised until the realise of the Aries Cerat Lanus amplifiers.



Class A Circlotron

This is a Class A amplifier using a floating circlotron and TriodeFet elements as output stage devices. Power delivery is 130W @8ohm 260W @4ohm while never leaving true Class A operation, even at very low loads. In contrast to the majority of “Class A” amplifiers, (which are biased at 1-3A max) where they only deliver a fraction of their rated power in Class A mode, the Geminae is a true Class A design. The active elements never go into cutoff even at full power into a 4ohms load.

100% Class A Operation

In order to be able to deliver all its power in Class A, the Geminae is heavily biased at 12 Amperes idle (idle current is user adjustable),and its Output Transformer-less (OTL) TriodeFet output stage is working as a floating circlotron. The topology belongs to the Circlotron-esque family, but vastly improved in terms of distortion, output impedance and reliability.

We called this topology a Super-Symmetric Self-Balancing inductively driven Circlotron. Zero feedback loops are used, either local or global. The floating circlotron is self-centering / balancing and does not need any long term adjustment, DC servos to stabilize, constant bias adjustmnent or correcting mechanism to eliminate DC voltage offset at its outputs.

Custom super specification capacitors, one of the most transparent capacitors available today

AC Coupling

The AC decoupling of the stage is accomplished using custom super-spec capacitors. These special capacitors have internal resistance (ESR) less than a piece of copper wire (less than 2mohm), and are designed to be able to surge to 30,000A maximum current. They are the most transparent capacitors associated with current delivery available.

Two Stage Design

The input stage is a transformer-coupled small SET amplifier based on the E280F supertube,loaded with a specially designed transformer,with geometrically and electrically balanced windings.

It is powered by its separate tube rectified-double choke filtered PSUs and low noise negative bias system. The input stage drives the TriodeFet stage by floating secondaries of the coupling transformer, so the floating/self-balancing nature of the output stage is not affected. The amplifier is fully adjustable on-the-fly.

Variable gain input feature, using a very high quality Transformer Volume Control (TVC) system

Inputs & Outputs

The input and output stage are monitored with a bias monitor system for all parameters of the TriodeFet system and real time adjustments, while the input stage bias system can be monitored and adjusted as well in real time.

The Geminae comes with variable gain inputs, using very high quality Transformer Volume Contro (TVC) system, a sonically transparent solution only found in top shelf preamplifiers.

Power Supply

The topology does not need any servo correcting mechanisms, nor any feedback nests / loops or output monitor / relay protection system. The system is protected by real-time non-invasive protection circuits that will sense any over current of the output stage and put the amplifier on stand-by. You cannot damage the amplifier even by shorting its outputs.

The output power supply is based on a pair of 800VA power transformers feeding double pi-filter power banks, and using extremely large core choke inductors and high speed capacitors.


The Geminae harmonic distortion distribution and profile are indistinguishable from that of a SOTA Single Ended design. Though the level of distortions are much lower, and output impedance is 100 times lower. This is part of it’s sonic signature and why is retains much of the magic you hear in SOTA SET amplifiers.

Technical Specifications


Power Output (Class A operation):

130W @ 8ohm 260W @ 4ohm

Stable operation down to 1 ohm

Zero feedback design


32db (28-24-20-16-12db

(gain switch using TVC system)

Signal to Noise Ratio:

100db with reference 0db

Full power bandwidth:

10Hz - 60Khz

(upper range limited with oscillation prevention limiters)

Damping Factor:


Idle power consumption per channel:

380-600W depending on the bias setting


Maximum dimensions (excluding plinth):

720mm H x 400mm W x 610mm D

Weight unpacked:

165kg per monoblock