NEW PRODUCT: ARIES CERAT Protos Integrated Amplifier

ARIES CERAT Protos is a tube & solid state hybrid integrated amplifier. If you just look
at the appearance of this integrated amplifier, you may not be able to guess its “skyhigh” price, but if you have the opportunity to listen to its sound performance, there is no way that you could imagine an integrated amplifier with a rated output of 2 x 20 watts RMS could achieve such unprecedented high-end sound performance. For such an audio product, any brilliant gifted writers would have failed to faithfully record its great design achievements that carry forward from the past and linking up with the future. When I was listening to Protos’ magical playback capabilities, my only suggestion is that audiophiles must need to listen to it themselves so as to understand its breakthrough powerful driving abilities. Protos really restores 100% of the source to playback the music which is simply magical. If you start from the perspective of “art is priceless”, any sky-high price it asks for is actually a bargain.

According to the report written by Ma Chung Chiu, editor of this magazine, in the last issue, Protos driving the British classic compact loudspeaker, ATC SCM-7, has extraordinary “god-level” performance. After I read his report, I went to the Central showroom of the distributor of ARIES CERAT in Hong Kong for a demo of it as I would like to find out what level does the Protos belong to.

The result turns out to prove that Protos can drive a pair of ATC SCM 50 Towers loudspeakers in their demo room with the sound performance which was absolutely stunning and earth-shattering. It was one of the most beautiful sound performance I have ever heard since being in the audio industry for decades. If only judging its playback capability of an integrated amplifier, the Protos is undoubtedly the best sound quality integrated amplifier I have ever heard…..