What a way to start the year at Aries Cerat. The long waited Talos Signature review is out.
Our design was given the Editors Choice award, among other compliments. Thank you Matej Isak for the honor.
"This powerful combination produced exceptional dynamics that shook all-analog tranquility I've often stumble upon across all price ranges of phono preamps. Red Sparrow allowed Talos Signature, to transcript the music far beyond anything I've expected. Danos promised me an analog ride of a lifetime and Talos Signature delivered an unforgettable experience."
"The Aries Cerat Talos Signature is the best phono preamp I have had the pleasure of testing, regardless of whether it's a solid-state or tube design and regardless of the price. The Aries Cerat Talos Signature is everything: spacious, dynamic, transparent, and goes beyond the expected with the intimacy of the music. The music non-stop, as Kraftwerk would say!"